Discover your shade

Sunday Brush is available in 3 natural skin tones: Fair, Medium and Tan.

In order to discover which shade best suits your skin, we have made the overview below. This way you can easily see which Sunday Brush skin tone suits you best and make a choice.

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Fair is the color that most people with very light pale skin choose, sometimes with freckles.

Their skin always burns and never tans. Often these people have red or light blonde hair and light eyes (blue, gray or green).

Fair is a nice light shade that has a nice matte smoothing effect on light, white skin.

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Medium is the color that most people with skin choose with a warm (yellow) undertone.

This skin burns quickly but gets (lightly) tanned. Often these people have blond hair and gray, green or blue eyes.

Medium is the most chosen color in the Netherlands.

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Tan is the color that most people choose with a slightly tanned skin with a red (cool) undertone.

This skin burns less quickly and tans easily. Often these people have dark blonde or brown hair and fairly dark eyes.

Tan just adds a touch of color to your skin even when your skin is tanned by the sun.

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