Customer reviews

The Sunday Brush team

We could tell you all about how great our product is, but we’d rather leave that to our customers.

We asked our customers what they think of Sunday Brush. Not only in terms of how easy it is to use, but also what motivated them to buy Sunday Brush in the first place.

The reasons are different for everyone. Some are motivated by the high sun protection factor (SPF 50), while others want to prevent premature skin ageing or camouflage rosacea or hyperpigmentation.

The all-natural formula, the ease of application, and the fact that Sunday Brush is 100% hypoallergenic are other highly motivating factors.

“Everyone is different – our customers included.

Read their experiences with Sunday Brush below. Perhaps they’ll convince you to give our product a try!”

The brush will dose the correct amount of powder

I loved the brush, easy to carry and practical to use. There is no mess, the brush will dose the correct amount of powder. The color really matched my skin tone so it looks very natural. There isn’t that sticky feeling that I had with sunscreen in cream, gel or lotion. I will definitely keep using it. Ana

Really like it!

I’ve been using sunday brush for some time now and really like it! Nikki

5 stars !

I give Sunday Brush 5 stars! Emma

Super ideal also for Rosacea

I’m a fan of Sunday Brush! It makes my skin feel very soft and at the same time it is well protected against UV. I have rosacea, so unfortunately I can’t apply much or no make-up. The Sunday Brush is super ideal and keeps my skin calm. Nedzmina


I use it occasionally and am happy with it! 😊 Zoë

Standard in my bag

Hi hi, I used it during winter sports! Super! I had to get used to it at first and to see if I had powder my face everywhere! Now I don’t use it that much because I also use a sonneflyid under my make-up and I’m often indoors during the day! But now that the in March the sun is starts to shine again, I carry it standard in my bag! And both the colors are perfect!👍🙋‍♀️ Miriam


I haven’t used it yet but my daughter likes it. Mary

Easy to apply over make-up

I am happy with the sunday brush. I was looking for a sun protector that does not stick, does not shine and is also easy to apply over make-up. The sunday brush meets this requirement. 🙂 Hannah

Super satisfied, even during pregnancy

Hello, I got to know sunday brush during my pregnancy. I wanted to protect my face from the sun as much as possible and continuously, without always having to walk around with oily skin due to creams. Since I also put on make-up every day, this seemed like the right product and Sunday brush fully met my expectations. Super satisfied! I was also well helped to determine the color that suited my skin color. Maureen

Very pleasant

I like it very much and mainly use it on sunny days. Kayra

Good product

I think it’s a good product to use. Preeya

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with the Sunday Brush. Krista

Very convenient to use

– very convenient to use
– not greasy and no dirty hands
– easy to carry with me Joelle

My skin doesn’t react to it

I like it because my skin doesn’t react to it. Kirsten

Really happy with it

My experience with Sunday Brush is super good. Really very happy with it! Sanne

Use it daily

“I have been using Sunday Brush for several years now and I am very happy with the product. Due to skin problems I cannot tolerate sunscreen creams. With Sunday Brush I have no problems. It is a natural product, it protects my skin well against the sun can tolerate it well and because of the beautiful shade I can easily camouflage blemishes. The customer service is easy to reach for questions and the contact is friendly and good. I always have Sunday Brush in my bag and use it daily. It lasts a long time. I don’t want to be without it anymore.” Loes

Really recommended!

Really order, especially if you go or are in the sun. Really recommended. Very fine product. !! Angelica

Rosacea protection

My husband has been using the Sunday Brush for 1.5 years now and doesn’t want anything else. It is to protect his rosacea from the sun. And it takes little effort to apply. Astrid

This product is great!

This product is great! Really a product that you should definitely carry with you in your bag. Definitely 5 stars! Annelies

Much better than a cream

Top product much better than a cream as sun protection. So happy with it. Lucy

The self dispensing brush with the powder works very well

Very fine product. The self dispensing brush with the mineral sun screen powder works very well and the application is smooth with the brush. I give Sunday Brush 5 stars. Karin

Good result

It’s a great product! Very easy to use and gives a good result! Recommended ! Francine

I definitely recommend it

It’s a fine lightweight powder. I bought the color which is too light for me (medium). Which is all on me. I was too careful. I definitely recommend it. I give Sunday Brush 5 stars. Ingrid

No allergic reaction despite vitiligo

No allergic reaction despite vitiligo. Nice to apply. Ellen

Now I can wear makeup again

I am very satisfied with Sunday Brush. Very often I have to put a day cream and ointment on my face and then a sunscreen factor 50, which makes me look like a shiny Christmas ball. I didn’t use make-up anymore, because you smear it off again. Now I’m wearing makeup again thanks to your Sunday Brush. It stays put and it feels good (no thick layer). You won’t get rid of the Vitiligo spots on my forehead because of this, but they will fade slightly. I feel happy and I’m not a shiny Christmas ball anymore 😁 THANK YOU! J. vd S.

Vitiligo on my face

I have been using the Sunday Brush for a month on the advice of my beautician because I have vitiligo on my face. Clear instructions for use. Does what it should do. No more shiny face, but still the right UV protection! Lenny

Color advise via Whats app

I asked for help via WhatsApp to determine the right shade. I was helped quickly and the color matches my skin tone perfectly. I am very satisfied with the product. Easy to use. In the beginning it was a bit of a search to determine whether enough had been applied to the skin. Maureen

Too careful

I’m very surprised, didn’t even know it existed. Easy to apply (after seeing the video), in the beginning I was too careful with the applicator. I am just not satisfied with the color, it is still on the light side, but that is entirely my own fault. I do have a light complexion but use a pretty dark colored day cream. Will

Super soft brush

Easy to use, no more shiny skin, super soft brush. Monique

Very economical in use

It works fine for me, it also looks very nice when you apply the powder and it is so user-friendly, and very economical in use. I will never use anything else again, and am so glad I found it. Judith

More explanation

It took some time to getting used to the applicator and use at first, as in the beginning the first few times, not so much powder came out. Eventually I noticed that I had to press a little harder with the brush on my hands. After a few days it got easier. I am insecure about having to apply this powder on face multiple times. Can you explain a little more about this? Barbara

Thanks for the advice on the shade

I really like the concept and it is nice and easy, and fortunately not shiny but nice matte. I certainly like it, and I don’t have dirty greasy hands after use anymore. And luckily the shade matches my skin well, thanks for the color advice. Neziha

Need help choosing the right shade?

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Matte Finish and feels pleasant on the skin

I think I chose a color that is too light for me…..makes my skin so light. A matte finish. And pleasant on the skin…Odet

Surprised us

Sunday Brush really surprised us… No hassle with smearing and sticky substances. And the skin still gets a nice tan and no more red burnt cheeks… The brush goes on holiday, to the terrace and wherever we go. Super easy to use and handy to carry in the bag. Top product, we are very happy with it. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy the sun safely. Milou and Marloes

An absolute must

It is really a super product. Very handy to take along with you, no sticky hassle and gives the perfect protection. Easy to use ! In warm, (sweaty) cycling weather, no more red stinging eyes! An absolute must. Linda

5 stars

And I give Sunday Brush 5 stars. Emma

It works great

At the moment I am in Spain and it works great. I have no pigment anymore along side in my eyes, but it works great there too. Mariska

Nice natural shade

I am very satisfied with the beautiful natural shade. M. J.

Your skin feels smooth and beautiful complexion

I think Sunday Brusch is a fantastic product; it gives you a sense of security and natural look! Your skin feels smooth and beautiful complexion. Josiane

Really a godsend

This product is really a godsend. No more shiny face, can the product can be applied over your make-up. And is easy to apply, mattifying and UV protective powder. Very happy with it! I give Sunday Brush 5 stars. M. M.

The shade is very good !

I give this product 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’m very satisfied. The shade is very good ! There are not many mineral sunscreen powders on the market which also contain a yellowish pigment, so my red spots are less noticeable. A great natural product that protects my skin well! Anne-Marie

Nice and convenient to use

Nice and convenient to use. Tip: working with a refill when the powder has run out, instead of throwing it away, can make a huge difference in footprint. Maria

Bewertungen Sunday Brush

Very happy with this discovery!

Very happy with this discovery! My skin burns quickly and I no longer suffer from that with just using the brush, without having to reapply four times a day. Just some powder. Very nice! Charlotte

I have been using the SundayBrush for 3 years now

I have been using the SundayBrush for 3 years now and it makes me very happy. It is a SUPER product. In addition to have super protection, it also gives your skin a nice smooth but also a natural finish on your skin. It is almost invisible on your face, it doesn’t stick or stain, it does not shine like a sunscreen and / or oil. It is super convenient to store, carry and easy to apply. I can recommend it to anyone with skin problems and / or allergies. Last but not least, a fantastic team behind it who always speaks and advises you very well, perfect service. Fatma

The powder is a godsend

‘The powder is a godsend, so very satisfied with it’ Nely

After consultation, I took the Dark, which I like

Result: not yet to say used only just a week. Convenience: easy and user-friendly to apply. Effectiveness: smoothes and mattifies the skin. I am still searching which amount of powder is effective against the sun. Size: very compact so you can easily take it with you everywhere. Color: taken the Dark after consultation, which suits me well. Almost invisible, you have to look closely to see something on the skin. Inge

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with Sunday Brush, the ease of use and the result. Petra

You don’t see it

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I think it’s a very nice product. It is easy to apply and you don’t see it. For now I’m really very positive! Roeli


Very nice because I think it’s a super product, because I have vitiligo on face and hands and get rid of the spots with camouflage cream, you don’t rub them off with this powder, which does happen with sun creams, you don’t get greasy hands and face. So also a super product if you have make-up on and you want to protect yourself from the sun, your make-up stays put!! I recommend this to everyone, it’s on the pricey side, but:
1, it takes you a very long time,
2, it protects you well from the sun
3, your makeup stays put
4, no greasy hands or face like with sun creams.

Super service at Sundaybrush A.T

Beautiful smooth, mattifying skin

I really like using the Sunday Brush. You get a beautiful smooth, mattifying skin and then also with an SPF 50 and 100% natural formula really unique! Linda

Nice product

In itself a nice product, but very matte. A little shimmer would look better on mature skin. Louise

The color suits my skin tone well

Nice light powder, the color suits my skin tone well. I apply the sunscreen over my make-up during the day, when I am outside and re-apply when the sun shines bright. Very very satisfied with it! Ellen

No more shiny face

This is a very fine product. No more shiny face and can go over your make-up. Easy to apply, mattifying and protective against the sun’s rays. I wish I had discovered it sooner. I give Sunday Brush 5 stars. Monica

Super happy

– Super happy. Bep

Almost invisible

It is easy to apply, almost invisible. How well it protect against UV rays is difficult to assess. The weather hasn’t been sunny just yet. Lucy

No irritation top invention

In one word: Super, what a great product ! Just apply the powder with the brush on your face and no more greasy cream and shiny face, and no irritation. Great invention. J. S.

Easy to re-apply

Easy to carry with you in your handbag and when the sun is shining, easy to re-apply. Ineke

Very subtle coverage

It is a handy brush for traveling. For me, the result was very subtle coverage. It is also good to beat the applicator a few times before the powder comes out. R.I.


The Sunday brush has a convenient size for in your bag and is very pleasant to use. Recommended! Simon

Easy to apply

The sunscreen powder is easy to apply and I am very satisfied with the product. Nicole

Easy to use

I think it’s a super product. Does its job well and is easy to use. Too bad it’s so expensive. Mirjam

Shade is perfect!

What you put on your skin penetrates into your body, so I am very happy with Sunday Brush’s natural ingredients. In consultation with my daughter, I chose the lightest one and it is perfect! Thank you for all the effort. Joyce

Not noticeable on my skin

Sunday brush is not that visible but certainly not that noticeable: I’m used to feeling a real layer of sunscreen on my face. Anonymously

My 7 year old daughter loves it too

What a nice product. I now re-apply my sunscreen much easier every day several times 🙂 and my 7-year-old daughter also thinks it’s the end. We are really happy with it! Certainly also because I have no more shiny skin. Muriel

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Very pleasant on the face and décolleté

Very satisfied with Sunday Brush! Finally something to carry with me in my handbag without any problems and always at hand! Very pleasant feel on the face and décolleté. M.M.

The color is perfect for me

Thank you for a super and fast service nicely delivered to my mailbox and your received videos have helped me a lot. The color / shade is perfect for me. Thank you very much super team. Minerva

Always handy to have this with you

A wonderful product when you are sailing, because the sun shines quite brightly on the water and it is very useful to carry this with you. Simone

The shade is perfect

The shade is perfect! Thanks for the advise. I use a spf50 day cream myself and use the brush for unexpected touch-up when I’m not at home. That’s great! Lisan

Sensitive/allergic to a substance

Very nice! With my skin, I absolutely need sun protection. But I am sensitive/allergic to a substance that is in spf creams. Already tried everything. The Sunday Brush does not present that problem. Haven’t been able to test the protection extensively yet, but so far very positive. Anne

Top for my sensitive skin

Nice product. Doesn’t make skin oily which is top notch for my acne prone skin. Also gives a small natural touch, so very satisfied. Service is also very good! L. Van E.

Result is great

I started looking for a Sun-Brush and started using it: the result is great. The pigment spots on my forehead disappear and a nice even shade is the result. I also “treated” the spots on my lower legs and the result is impressive! I have now ordered a “duo box (more affordable in price!), so I can be assured of beautiful, even skin for the time being! I’m a fan!!! Emmie

Airy and also the color is beautiful

I have been using the Sunday brush for some time now and I am very satisfied . It is airy and the color is beautiful. Very suitable for my skin color. A cream with a protection factor is always a bit greasy, but not this one. Can really recommend him. Hinke

Safely protected against UV radiation

I am happy to now sell Sunday Brush in my skin therapy practice. It is so natural on the skin and wonderful to no longer have oily, sticky and shiny skin, but still be safely protected against UV radiation. I’m a fan! Lottie

A fresh natural look

I have been using Sundaybrush for a year and I am very satisfied. It ensures that my skin does not burn and at the same time gives a fresh natural look. Very nice! Helena

I really like the brush instead of sunscreen

I really like the brush instead of sunscreen cream, because cream is often so greasy. The only tricky thing is that I have to look very closely where I have applied the powder, to be sure that I am protected. As a tip I was given to check this with a cotton swab or use a magnifying mirror. Thank you for the good service. Elaine

Well protected with your product!

I am super happy with the Sunday Brush.
I bought it last year and I always carry it with me.
I’ve been using it daily since spring. Very pleasant to use, no mess with creams!
My skin is very sensitive, I am well protected with your product! Ans

Really worth the money!

My scalp was always burned with almost every product and with this product I have zero problems, I am very satisfied and the texture is pleasant, because it is not sticky. It’s truly worth the money! I’ve been looking for a product that meets this for a long time and I think I’ve found it 💪🏼 . Marie

Great for my sensitive skin

Super for my sensitive skin and super easy to use! Toos

Ideal on a terrace or a festival

A very nice product and easy to use. Ideal while sitting on a terrace or at a festival and to apply the right protection over your make-up. I’m a fan!! Marloes

It works very easily

It works very easily and I am happy with it.
I am impressed that something so simple works so well. J.V.

Portable brush and re-apply without greasy fingers

I’m very happy with it. The portable brush easily fits in my handbag. So applying it several times a day is no problem at all and without greasy fingers. Protection is also great. No sunburned spots on my face last year and also during my holiday in the sun last March 2022. W. B.

Second purchase Sunday Brush with Factor 50

It is already my second purchase of the Sunday Brush. Gives a nice mattifying and also covering effect. And the factor 50 is also a nice bonus. Have had skin cancer in the past, so it’s nice that you can use it everywhere and easy to re-apply. Even apply the powder on my eyelids and ears. Jane

Gives a nice matte look

It is a very convenient product. Easy and quick to apply and gives a nice matte appearance. Easy to carry with you in your handbag. The only drawback is that you can’t see if you’re using enough because you can’t see it. Simone

Everyone wants to know all about the Sunday Brush

On the golf course you walk together for 4 hours in the sun, then have a chat while sitting on the terrace, when I use the Sunday brush, everyone wants to know everything about it. Ineke

UV protected and cared for

My skin feels UV protected and cared for at the same time. Patty

I like it 

I like your product. Hilde

4 stars

My rating is 4 stars and this is actually because I expected the Brush to cover more. Gerda

The perfect product!

The perfect product! Before I found Sunday Brush, I didn’t realize how important it actually is to protect yourself from the sun on a daily basis, even as a darker skinned person. The powder feels very light, mattifies my skin and even covers my redness. Moreover, it is also animal-friendly – I love it! I now always have my Sunday Brush with me in my bag, super convenient! I am completely satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone. Simone

I definitely recommend it

Sunday Brush is a very nice product and you are always well protected in a simple way for applying. I definitely recommend it. Kim

Subtle, natural color

Pleasant to use: compact and hygienic.
You can re-apply at any time of the day.
Subtle, natural color: no mask effect. Xanthe

Very fine and lightweight powder

It is a very fine and lightweight powder. I only used it 2x, because the powder is too light for my skin. Unfortunately, therefore, I cannot give a full review Manon

No “powder face”

In addition to a high sun factor, it is also easy to use, no ‘powder face’ or that your face looks older due to the powder. Doesn’t shine. Annemarie

Natural solution

I am very happy with the natural solution against sunburn, now no greasy cream, but beautiful powder, which is matched in color to my skin. Very convenient to apply and carry with me in my bag! Louis

Protected well

Protects well. Marlinda

Tan version with a medium skin color

Super product, I have the Tan version with a medium skin color and it is perfect, my skin is also well protected in the sun. I use the light color for the children, which is also great, no more sticky cream on their face and still well protected 👍 Very happy with it 😊 Lies

Easy to apply, no mess

A super sun protection without sticky spots on your face. Easy to apply, no mess. Gives your face a beautiful healthy complexion and optimal protection. Natasha

No oily skin after applying

I really like the Sunday Brush because my face is now not oily when I apply sunscreen. Imca

Preventing me from sunburn

I have only use Sunday Brush once so far, but it worked well, preventing me getting sunburnt whilst playing tennis for two hours. Andrew

Gives a natural look

Mattifies nicely and gives a natural look. I don’t know yet if powder against sunburn works. Joan

Camouflages and protects, beautifully

It is still a bit difficult to judge because the weather is not really cooperating yet. But so far the brush is fine. Camouflages and protects, beautifully. Anne

Clear instruction for very first use

Very nice to use, easy to carry  you wherever you go. Clear instruction for very first use. I haven’t burned my face yet so 😉 Renske

Very good advice about the color

It’s really nice product. First of all, I received very good advice over the phone about the color, and I must say that the color suits my skin type perfectly! I also like the powder very much. In the sun it protect well against the UV rays. I therefore recommend this product. Wendy

Great feedback

It’s a great product and I’m very happy with it. After some practice it works well and practically. I put some day cream with an spf underneath, then the skin feels a bit smoother, but it’s great no I can continue without greasy sunscreen. I also received great feedback on all my questions, which makes it feel safe. I would give 5 stars for the product. Small downside: it is quite pricey and therefore probably not affordable for everyone. Therefore 4 stars. Marian

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Very good and personal customer service

Activation of the brush was difficult in the beginning, but I they helped me very well and personally. Customer service even called me back a few days later. I now know how use the brush during sunny weather with great pleasure. You don’t actually see that you’re ‘wearing’ something, it doesn’t close my skin. Elles

Nice brush

It is a nice brush that gives you good sun protection without the greasiness of cream. Jeanette

Get used to the powder first

First had to get used to the applicator, but now after a week it works well. powder does lighten lighter on brown skin. Tony

Also helps as a regular powder

So far, did not see so much sun, it’s perfect. Also helps as a regular powder. Thank you. Marie

Super nice sun protection

Super nice sun protection. Also to use over make-up and you don’t have to apply a greasy cream. Easy to use .. unfortunately very pricey .. that does not encourage easy use if you have less to spend .. that makes me give 4 stars .. which is a pity with such a fine product! Karin

The color suits my skin so well

The Sunday Bush works well and is also nice to use. But for me there is a disadvantage (also an advantage actually), the color matches my skin so well, that it’s hard to see the powder on my face, because it blends so well. Guido

I recommend it to everyone

It is an ideal product, the use is very easy. although in the beginning I doubted whether I have applied enough, but when I cleaned my face I did see powder on my cotton pad. With this warm weather I also don’t have a sticky face like with sunscreen. I recommend it to everyone. Margot

Soft appearance of the powder beautiful

I like the soft look of the powder. The color is good too. Also convenient to carry with you, but: it is a hassle of tapping and checking whether the powder comes out. Janet


Superstick. I recommended this product, it works well and looks good. Wilma

Very happy with the product

The performance is very nice and I am also happy with the product. Gerda

My sensitive skin tolerates it well

I am very satisfied and have already recommended it to several people. Feels and looks very natural and my sensitive skin tolerates it well. In addition, it really works. The only thing is that you really have to use it again after 2 hours. Aline

Evens out and the color matches my skin well

I am satisfied mainly because it evens out my complexion and the color goes well with my skin. My son who has a different complexion is also satisfied. Your service was very personal and attentive. Maartje

Very nice coverage without a thick powder layer

I am very satisfied with the Sunday Brush, it gives a very nice coverage without seeing a thick powder layer. I actually bought it for my nose to protect it well because it is extremely sensitive to the sun but I now use it for my whole face. Kind regards, Joke

Good mattifying effect over my day cream

Am very happy with it. Have very difficult (extremely dry and intolerant) skin. This powder gives just the right mattifying effect over my day cream, without giving it a powdery effect; a natural look with a beautiful bronzing effect. Easy to use, although the powder can sometimes flow more easily into the brush. Pam

Usage is ideal

The use is really ideal but it gives me a huge sweaty head. Danielle

This feels good

I am very satisfied because the annoying stickyness of the normal sunblockers is a thing of the past. This powder feels good. Greetje

Color is good en it feels nice after application

Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed. -The brush is a bit on the hard side. -The powder has a specific smell. (not pleasant). – The color is good. – It feels nice after application. – I don’t think the price/quality ratio is ok. Diana

Good invention

Easy to use and the complexion of my face looks younger. Moreover, it also protects against the like. Good invention. Tea

A nice matte protective layer

I give Sunday Brush a 5 star status . Just practice and make sure the powder comes out and you get a nice matte protective layer. I will recommend the Sunday Brush to everyone 👍🏼👍🏼 So….. have a sunny and safe summer. Trudy

Very easy to apply

Finally a sun protection that does not stick, and not unhealthy! Very easy to apply. I wonder how long it will last, but I think quite a long time. In the beginning I had to shake it hard before the powder came loose. I’m very happy with it. Michaela

The Sunday Brush works perfectly

The Sunday Brush works perfectly. I’m totally happy with it 👍☀️👍! Emily

Ideal solution for not having to reapply make-up

I am very satisfied with the product. For me an ideal solution to not reapply make-up and still be protected. However: I will never order a new brush again because I think the price is too high for so little content. I have only had the brush for a short time and it is already half empty. Maybe a refill is an option for you, but this product is only available to the “happy few”. Marianne

Sunday Brush is nice

Sunday Brush is nice, but you can’t see how much is left in the bottle! Marcia

Very sensitive skin

Beautiful covering powder that also protects. Totally happy with it. I have very sensitive skin that turns red easily. Miriam

Nice product

Nice product but reapplying it every 2 hours is difficult, I will forget to re-apply. Cecil

Nice to use

Nice to use. R. J.

So nice !

Ideal. So nice no more sun cream on my face. M v. T.

Fine and convenient

Fine and convenient. E O.

A very pleasant way of sun protection

I like the idea of ​​not having to use a sticky cream or oil on my face. Because of my vitiligo I need extra protection around my eyes, and cream and oil always run into the eyes and ruin my eye makeup. This is a very pleasant way of sun protection! Isabelle

Sunday Brush as a gift

I gave the Sunday Brush as a gift to my sister as she recently had nasal surgery for basal cell cancer, she really enjoys using the SundayBrush. Lucy

Super easy for kids too!

Super easy for kids too! Fast to apply, high factor and easy to repeat often. No grease and no dirty stains on clothing. Keeps well in handbag and looks elegant compared to cream. Patty

Beautifully made up without having a shiny oily skin

The Sunday Brush is a great product because you know your skin is well protection, but also your skin still looks nicely, without having a shiny oily skin. I have skin that irritates quickly or gets pimples from too greasy creams. This powder is the ideal solution. In the beginning I had some trouble getting the powder into the brush, but now it works fine. The only downside might be the price. Ann

Nice powder

Nice powder. Am very happy with it. Annemarie

Very good

Only used once due to weather conditions. On the golf course. And found very good. Lina

Great product

Great product Raoul

Covers red spots and gives you a healthy appearance

Very nice product which looks very natural on my face. It would be nice if you could order the product with and without the brush in the future. Because of sustainability and the environment…..Thank you for your great advice and super fast delivery!

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied! Hakima

Super content

I am very happy with my Sunday brush, after having a melanoma removed under my eye, it was recommended to me and it protects my face 100% (super content). Mireille

Luckily not greasy

Ideal, your face is protected and fortunately not greasy. It takes some getting used to applying because you see practically nothing. Anonymously

Dermatologist recommended

I’m happy with it, works great!!! Have recommended the dermatologist. she already knew your product. Rikie

Nice size

Very nice to use. Color is good. Nice size.
Fantastic that it is color and protection in one. Anne

Color is perfect and very natural

The use is easy and color is perfect and very natural! Mary

Absolutely great !

The Sunday Brush is absolutely great! I’m allergic to all kinds of cosmetics, so I can’t use a cream with sunscreen, but to my great luck I can tolerate the Sunday Brush. The powder is nicely matte. I have the darkest shade, but it is totally invisible although it does mask the blemishes. I wholeheartedly recommend this product. Alberti

A great product

After a difficult start with the activation of the brush to get the powder out. But reading the instructions carefully, I have activated the Sunday Brush correctly. I am very satisfied, even my husband made the comment, you look so good. No more spots or imperfections. That in addition to Sunday Brush’s protection, I think it’s a great product. Also easy to carry in your bag. Glad I discovered it. Lydia

No more  of the pigment spots

I’ve been using Sunday Brush for a year, I really like it. Because I suffer from pigment spots on my face, this product is a godsend. Almost no or no more expansion of the pigment spots. Am very happy with it. Reed

Very satisfied

It took some time to getting used to in the beginning….I didn’t see anything coming out of the I doubted how it would work…after a few times I have to admit that I’m very satisfied with it….I use it myself as finishing touch….so I use my normal factor 50 sunscreen every day and after about 20 minutes, I reapply the powder very generously all over my face….every two or three hours I try to reapply a second layer… ..very satisfied…Manuel

My sensitive skin responds well to the brush

My sensitive skin reacts well to the brush and to be honest I don’t notice anything else. E. S.

Satisfied with Sunday Brush

So far I am very satisfied with Sunday Brush.
I’ve been on a lot of bike rides in recent weeks and didn’t have a red and burnt nose afterwards. I am happy with Sunday Brush. I just put the brush in my handbag and use it when weather conditions require protection of the face. Henry

Super convenient

I am very satisfied and it is super convenient. Tan

Easy to carry

I like it very much and can take it with me in my handbag. I give the product 4 stars. Helen

Very handy while sitting on the terrace

Very satisfied with the Sunday Brush. No more skin irritations from sunscreen.
Can also be applied over makeup. Fits easily in my bag. Very handy for sitting on the terrace.
Even applied powder on the nose and ears of my husband. Ideal, very easy to use.
No greasy hands. And well protected.
And this is also a 100% natural product. Petra

Super product

Took a while to get used to the applicator in the beginning. But now after using it for a while I find it a super product. Hiske

Finally a sunscreen for my sensitive skin!

I received the brush and have been using it for a week now. The color is perfect and you can’t see the powder sitting on your face. And the best part is that I can bear it. I am very happy with it. Finally a sunscreen I can tolerate! Ingrid

Beautiful result !

This week I had a phone call about the right color. Well the color is fine, suits my skin tone well. I also want to let you know how happy I am with the product. I suffer from pigment spots on my skin and I am always busy with make-up to camouflage this, even in the summer. This morning I used the Sunday Brush for the first time over my moisturizer. Unbelievable what a beautiful result! The spots are so much less visible and that without make-up. I’m really happy with it.
I think the price of the Brush is quite expensive and I hope that it will last me a while.
I feel a lot more confident without the smudges of makeup. The Sunday Brush makes my skin look even and very important it protects against the sun so that my spots don’t get even worse. Great, I’m glad I bought the product! H. v. D

It doesn’t feel sticky and keeps protecting well despite sweating

After reading another user’s review, I bought your product. I was looking for something that adequately protected me when cycling. We like to go on a cycling holiday and you not only ride in the sun all day, but also in the wind. After a day of cycling normally you have a red face in the evening. I have now used the brush for the last 2 weeks on a trip through the Netherlands and it has been approved! After application it has good protection and it doesn’t feel sticky and keeps protecting well despite sweating. Kristine

No more sun allergies

Awesome! Sunday Brush ordered two products last year and since using it no longer suffer from sun allergies. What a freedom! Anonymously

Looks very natural

Very nice! Powder easy to apply and evenly on the skin by brush. Looks very natural, always absolute preference! Laura

Easy to use

Used the Sunday Brush daily during the holidays. I had to get used to it because it was very difficult to see if something came out. But due to the color I can easily see the powder ! Easy to use. Ursula

Beauty ritual for the whole year

Just got back from holiday and used Sunday Brush every day. In the morning as a base under my make-up and reapplied over my make-up in the afternoon. Perfect sun protection and very nice to use. This will be my regular beauty ritual for the whole year. Yvonne

Very nice and easy to use also over make-up

I have already used the Sunday Brush a few times and (to my surprise) I really did not turn red, SUPER!!
When applying, nothing really seems to come out of the brush, but apparently it does…
I find it very nice and easy to use and nice not to have to put white cast sunscreen cream over my make-up anymore.
Minus point: the price of the product.
So I hope to be able to enjoy the product for a long time! Annemarie

Hope there are refills

Beautiful fine easy to manage product. Fine powder and spf 50 in one! Hope there are refills.
I give Sunday Brush 5 stars! Wendy

Glad it doesn’t penetrate into the skin

I am very satisfied with the Sunday Brush. I find it so much easier than applying sunscreen, it’s nice that it doesn’t penetrate the skin and it protects very well. Lotte

Covers very lightly

Very pleasant to use. Covers very lightly. Great to now have my protection in a powder without ingredients you’d rather avoid. Suzanne

Gives the skin an even appearance

Beautiful covering powder, gives the skin an even appearance. easy to apply. Not much sun weather experience yet. Yvonne

No allergic reaction whatsoever

Sunday Brush is pleasant to use. The medium color suits my light skin (red hair, freckles) very well. The lighter one might have made me too pale. And I have not had any allergic reaction. Jacqueline

Quite expensive

Very convenient to use, no sticky hassle.
I do think it’s quite expensive. Lindy

The color is also absolutely fine

I have been using Sunday Brush for a while now and am really excited about it! The color is also absolutely fine. Loes

Purchase is pricey

I have the impression that it closes the pores less, so that I suffer less from fat bumps and pimples.
As for the coverage, it is less than makeup. All in all very satisfied after the first 14 days. Now wait and see if the pigment spots fade. It is expensive to purchase, but if the Sunday Brush actually lasts for 3 months, it is manageable. Len

I find it more difficult to apply

Sunday Brush gives a nice matte look that lasts. Haven’t been able to try out sun protection yet because the nice weather hasn’t arrived. I find it more difficult to apply, the powder does not come out of the brush easily, you have to push well so that the powder is released. Michele

No allergic reaction

Compliment to the Sunday Brush, with my sensitive skin this Brush is great. No allergic reaction and easy to use, no greasy hands.
Team Sunday Brush you are super. Hetty

No more hassle with creams

Sunday Brush suits me very well. No more hassle with creams.
It can be over your makeup and you will look good. Convenient size, I always carry Sunday Brush with me, in a handbag or pocket.
I think it’s ideal. It has enough powder for the whole summer.
Recommended. Nettie

Nice mattifying and smoothing effect

I’ve used the Sunday Brush a few times now and it’s a very nice product! Because I spend a lot of time outside for my work and also wear make-up, it is not convenient to reapply with a regular sunscreen. From now on I can use the Sunday Brush. Very fine and also very nice mattifying and smoothing effect effect. I’m very happy with the Sunday Brush! Jeanette

Nice color

I think it’s a nice product, it doesn’t close off the skin and I don’t get sunburn and also a nice tan! I am satisfied with it. Els

Takes time to activate it

It is excellent in use. I am happy to recommend it to others! Sometimes it’s a bit of little struggle to discover if the applicator gives enough powder. In other words, if I take it with me in my bag, it is also upside down and then it needs some time to activate it. Caroline

Economical in use

Nice way to apply sun protection with the brush! The nice thing is, I can put it on top of my moisturizer and it doesn’t make my skin shiny like some sunscreens do. I sometimes also use the brush for the make-up preparation and a prime powder for a velvety finish.

Mattifies the skin slightly
Can be applied and reapplied anywhere
Economical in use. Simon

Good sun protection

Easy to use. Nice coverage. Good sun protection. Annette

Applies easily

Sunday Brush applies easily, but I can’t see where it is on my face and I have to get used to it giving enough coverage. Need to get more experience in that. Marie

Ideal for my sun sensitive skin

Besides the fact that Sunday Brush gives a beautiful, subtle sun-tanned effect on my skin (I no longer need make-up), the powder also protects optimally against the sun with its high protection factor of 50. Ideal for my sun sensitive skin. The applicator with built-in brush is easy and convenient to use and is always in my bag in the summer. An asset for me! Annemieke

I use it daily

Sunday Brush is very easy to use.
I use it daily, am very excited about it. Mary

No sunburnt nose anymore

Great, I now use it for winter sports. Sun all day, and no burnt nose like so many people around me. Mary

Easy to carry with you

I do a lot of outdoor sports, so sun protection is really necessary. The Sunday Brush is very pleasant to use, easy to carry with you and most importantly: it works!!! Also indispensable during the last winter sports holiday! Hillie

Satisfied with the brush so far

So far I am satisfied with the brush. I like that this sun protection is a powder and not a greasy cream. It is important to make sure that the sponge is well filled before use and that is why I store it upside down. And I give Sunday Brush 4 stars. Not even 5 because I’m also curious after a sunny day. Miranda

So easy

I am so glad I discovered Sunday Brush. It is the easiest way to protect yourself against harmful UV rays.
I have been using a Sun Blocks for years to prevent skin cancer. Usually it is a liquid cream that you have to apply several times a day to stay well protected. With the Sunday Brush it is much easier. First your normal skin care including your day cream over it the Sunday Brush. So easy.
Then you put it in your bag and at any time of the day you just powder your face, neck, décolleté. Even my hands are now provided with Sunday Block to prevent sun damage and pigment spots. I no longer have to look for another product. Sunday Brush is the perfect product for me. Antoinette

It takes some getting used to using the correct dosage

I have been using this product for half a year now and I really like it. Due to hypersensitivity to bright sun rays, I also have to lubricate in winter. The brush is handy to take with you. In the beginning it took me some time to get used to using the correct dosage, but that is no longer a problem. Great product. Recommended!! Rob

I definitely recommended this product

It’s great! I also really like it while cycling. I definitely recommended this product to others. Truus

It takes some getting used to applying a powder on my face

I use Sunday Brush summer and winter for good protection of my face. In the beginning it took some getting used to applying a powder to my face instead of a cream with sun protection, but for daily use in combination with my make-up I think it’s an ideal product. You have a pure and honest product on your skin, without the risk of irritation. Ivonne

Nice and convenient

Received yesterday and used immediately today! Feels good, looks nice and is nice and convenient. Carmen

Finally a product for my allergic skin

In December I ordered Sunday Brush and used it for a week on holiday.
I’m very excited. Finally a product that my allergic skin reacts well to and therefore a holiday without skin irritations with all kinds of annoying consequences.
Looking forward to spring and summer already! Cynthia

Great product!

Very happy with my Sunday Brush. I use it as a foundation and I am always protected. It is very easy to use and invisible. And not the drawbacks of the sticky messy sunscreen that you don’t normally carry with you in your bag. Great product! Miranda

Gives a nice even result

I think the Sunday Brush is a very nice product: it is very easy to apply, gives a nice even result and does not leave your hands greasy afterwards. I have been using it daily for quite some time and it is far from finished. Highly recommended! Siska

Game changer

The Sunday Brush is a game changer! It’s so good that it has replaced my foundation. It’s compact design is easy to carry and it’s easy to use and not greasy. I like the fact that it doesn’t mess up my make-up and know that my face is protected. Wiera

It is quick to apply

Bought for our sun holiday in Crete. Super product because does not stick! Easy to carry in the bag and it is quick to apply so that I did not burn and was well protected in the sun. Product is on the pricey side. Product is on the pricey side, but lasts a long time so it’s not too bad in the end. Taking the Sunday Bruh with my on my skiing holiday ! Richard

Very compact to carry

Very nice that you can choose from 4 shades. Easy to use. No more greasy hands. Not a shiny face either. Very compact to carry. After payment I already received the Sunday Brush the next working day. Corry