About us

The story behind Sunday Brush

Nicole and her husband have always traveled extensively and visited many special places in the world. Together they have lived and worked in the Netherlands, Switzerland, South-Africa, Zambia, USA, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2010, her husband was diagnosed with skin cancer in his face. Since then, they have been very careful with sun exposure during their travels and outdoor activities.

As sun protection is of the utmost importance, they tried and tested various brands and products. But all sun protection products have the same disadvantages. They are greasy and sticky and caused skin problems for Nicole’s husband, including acne, and irritated his sensitive skin. And then there was the inconvenience of washing their hands when they were on the road.

Sunscreen Powder

Nicole decided to find the perfect product. After a long search she discovered sunscreen powder with SPF. After researching the active ingredients and options. She decided to develop her own natural sunscreen protection powder in cooperation with an established manufacturer.

The result is Sunday Brush, an all-natural mineral sunscreen powder based sun protection product.

For the sensitive skin

Sunday Brush has a high SPF 50 protection factor and prevents skin aging. All products have been dermatologically tested according to EU cosmetics regulations, are very water resistant and hypoallergenic. So highly suitable for the very sensitive and irritable skin.

A wonderful additional benefit is that it is easy to use and evens the skin beautifully.