How to apply

First-time use


  1. Remove the cap from the brush.
  2. Slide the protective sleeve down and remove the elastic.
  3. Tilt and tap the brush a few times until powder appears on the bristles. Run your finger over the bristles until a ‘cloud’ of powder appears.
  4. Hold the brush with the hairs pointing downwards. Gently push the bristles against the back of your other hand and make circular motions with the brush until the powder is released.
  5. Your brush is ready to use when you see powder on your hand.

How to apply


7. Apply the powder generously and evenly to your face and neck using circular motions. Repeat several times. 

8. After application, slide the protective sleeve back over the brush and replace the cap.

9. If after several attempts to release the powder none is released then do not use the product and please contact our customer service.

Apply a generous amount of powder in an even layer before exposing your skin to the sun and repeat every two hours throughout the day for consistent protection.

If no powder is released after several attempts to activate the product, please contact us so we can assist you further.


Sunday Brush - How To Apply